Technical data

Programme: Transformation of the farmers market into a theatre
Location: Caceres
Date of competition: 2006
Category: Theatre and culture
Area: 1,100 m2
Developer: Junta de Extremadura (Extremadura Regional Government)
Collaborators: F. Orizia, S. Morales, M. Chacoff

Project description

In 2006 the culture department within the Junta de Extremadura launched an architectural competition to convert an abandonned farmers market into a theatre. MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos completed the project in 2006.

Our proposal preserves the architectural values of the current construction, maintaining its structure, exterior facades and main entrance, and has been shaped by the existing heights and forms of surrounding housing. Thus the existing structure has been adapted to its context and new requirements.

We incorporated elements to the exterior façade to highlight the conversion of the structure for its new use. We wanted it to look like a new construction, bright and full of both inner and outer life. The aim was for it to become a point of reference in the surrounding Campo de Arañuelo area and to exist in balance with its urban surroundings: a magical box filled with theatrical and visual illusions.

The creation of a functional scenic space necesitates the construction of a voluminous building to house all the facilities required. The construction itself is simple and based on the existing structure. Unavoidably the building attains the scale of a public building and we made it appear shiny, natural and in harmony with the urban surroudings.

The MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos proposal incorporated cladded roofing to act as the support for a mural covered with images taken from nature, an expression of contemporary urban art. This graffiti mural is protected by back-lit plexiglass glazing. In this way it functions as a ventilated façade that can be lit up when there is a performance or at nighttime. All of this is made possible through the simple assembly of elements that guarantee the creation of a new and unique public space.