Technical data

Health Sciences Faculty (Granada)

Programme: Classroom blocks, offices, laboratories, administration and common areas
Location: Granada. Spain
Date of competition: 2006
Dates of phases: 2006 competition. 2007-2009, executing projects. 2010 beginning of construction
Category: Educational, University
Area: 16,000 m2
Developer: Granada University
Advisors: Elite Ingeniería (Instalations), TEDECO Ingenieros SL (structure). Arqs. Técnicos J. A. Lubiano, J.C. Castro.
Collaborators: F. Orizia, M. López de Asiaín, P. Pérez, A. López, O. Navarro, A. Cuadrado, A. Babio, D. Asencio

Project description

In 2007 MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos won third prize in a competition launched by the University of Granada to design their Health Sciences Campus in Granada. The prize was the commission to design one component of the project: the design of the Health Sciences Faculty.

Located on the new Health Sciences Campus in Granada, the MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos design of the Health Sciences Faculty aimed to construct a building that would act as a connecting point or nexus for different scales, dynamics or landscapes located between the urban and metropolitan territory. The urban norms and regulations for this area determined that faculty buildings must be made up of three floors measuring 130 m in length and 19 m wide, rounded off by an eight-floor tower measuring 40 m by 19 m. Is it possible to convert this determinism into a positive variable?

Connected to areas of high urban mobility and accessibility, the Health Sciences Faculty needed to incorporate entrances on either end in order to channel the flow of people moving in and out of the campus to and from the urban surroundings.

Because of this we designed a building that offers different scales of perception, permeability, density, continuity and fragmentation. In order to comply with bioclimatic parameters in each sector of the building, our plan includes several open spaces and terraces that favour an interior-exterior relationship. In our design, the roof is transformed into a sunny recreational area with landscaped gardens.