Technical data

Programme: Landscape design, sport areas and museum on the bank of the River Guadalquivir
Location: Seville
Date of competition: 2005
Category: Park
Area: 30,000 m2
Developer: Alcolea Town Council

Project description

In 2005 Alcolea Town Council launched an architectural competition to design a park, visitor centre and leisure complex on a currently abandonned river bank.

The brief was to design a park that would function as a boost to tourism and public use in the area. In order to do so we needed to bring together and interpret information about the landscape and local heritage. We made a plan for the future including a measured and sustainable infrastructural intervention, fruit of participation by the various agents involved (Confederation del Rio Guadalquivir, Alcolea Town Council and local citizens).

At MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos we understand territory as an informed support where both natural phenomenon (landscapes, agricultures, geographies and topographies) and artificial phenomenon (infrastructure, buildings, population) take place. The surroundings of both Alcolea and the Guadalquivir River have preserved natural values such as the landscape, geography and archaeological heritage. At the time of the competition these values were under threat from urban tensions such as speculation, archaeological theft and rubbish dumping. In our project we proposed to deal with these issues through consciousness raising initiatives, citizen participation and the intervention of the municipality to promote and maintain the park and its continued use in the future.