Technical data

Tocina de la Victoria Park (Cordoba)

Programme: Park, visitor centre and bird-watching
Location: La Victoria, Cordoba
Date of competition: 2005
Prize: Runner up
Category: Urban planning
Area: 20,000 m2
Developer: La Victoria Town Council & Cordoba Regional Council

Project description

In 2005 La Victoria Town Council launched an architectural competition to design a park and visitor centre on an open public space where locals tended to go for picnics. The brief included offering spaces for picnics and for other activities.

We proposed to create a space that highlights the importance of landscape and environmental values. In our project we proposed equipping the area to fullfill the needs of the local population (such as picnics) as well as for new activities and uses for the land including bird-watching. The aim was to transform the area into a point of reference to attract visitors from ourside the local area by developing a context for cultural, social and educational activites.