Technical data

PROJECT Alejo Seat
SITE Faculty of Health‚??s Science
CATEGORY Furniture and equipments
TITLE " Alejo" Seat

Project description

The main "aula" has the peculiarity to be one of a kind in the entire building; in fact it is the only space whose enclosures (both vertical and horizontal) have been finished with oak wood and realized on site.
The pattern used for the concrete exterior walls continues in this space. The design reflects the purpose to humanize the "production process", underlining the presence of local actors and techniques.
Part of the character of this space are the seats, which have been thought to diminish the use of industrial systems and give value to the material the "aula" is made of, and to the works of local actors.
The seat‚??s design wants to give personality and consistency to the "aula", in fact they are the only furniture in this space. These elements have been carefully thought and designed, and they have been realized using solid oak wood, adapted to the peculiarity of the space they have been set up. As the rest of the "aula", the seats have a breathable finishing.