Technical data

AUTHOR: MEDIOMUNDO Arquitectos (Marta Pelegrin +
Fernando Perez)
CATEGORY Servicios
PROGRAMME: Restaurante
SITE: Sevilla, España
DATE: 2011

Project description

Situated at the lower level of a residential
building in Seville, close to the old
town, the Murillo gardens and the old
Cadiz station, the restaurant had to be
transformed from a dark and obscure
space into a new open and bright
location to enjoy ??tasting and relaxing??
with a minimal budget.
Embracing the strategy of reutilizing as
much as possible, without altering the
internal distribution, the floor, carpentry
or original ceiling, the walls were
changed to brighter and neutral colours,
incorporating floor to ceiling lettering
which animate the space.
Three large luminaries with natural
pattern light the high table where
conversations and interaction meet and a
series of neutral tables enclose the space
towards the edge.