Technical data

AUTHOR: MEDIOMUNDO Arquitectos (Marta Pelegrin +
Fernando Perez)
CATEGORY Housing. Refurbishment
PROGRAMME: Apartment
SITE: Seville, Spain
DATE: 2012
AREA: 55 m²
COST: 12.000 ‚?¨

Project description

The brief consisted of converting the
garage and lower level of the house
into a guest apartment with a capacity
of 2-4 persons. Without interfering
with the original distribution in plan, the
garage door and the old access are
removed and replaced by two thermal
and acoustic windows. All walls are
painted white except an end wall which
shows the original brickwork.
The old flooring is replaced with grey
porcelain tiles which together with
the walls act as a background for the
furniture which defines the spaces of
the apartment.
Apart from the kitchen furniture whose
finish is coated in an aluminium finish,
the rest is made up of recycled or
reconfigured objects.