Technical data

PROGRAM: Escuela de educación primaria
PROCEDURE: Concurso Restringido
SITE: Winnenden, Stuttgart. Alemania D
DATE: 2015
AREA: 6.552 m²
DEVELOPER : Gemeinde Winnenden. Stuttgart, Deutschland
Marta Pelegrin & Fernando Perez + Jörg Osterburg
Arquitectos: Claudia Cerrelli
Practicantes: Araceli Calero Castro, María García Otero, Tsvetelina Todorova

Project description

The new Primary School of Winnenden has to be designed considering a new teaching model based on the concept of a "Learn House" where different spaces can cohexist (learning, playing, working, resting..). Each Learn house hosts two class of the same level, and will be merged with another Learn House forming a "Cluster".

Our project accepts a double challenge: on one hand wants to solve the relation between the new building and the existing complex respecting the surrounding and creating an enclosure for the new complex, on the other hand wants to achieve the program and the requirements.

The building lays longitudinally in the western part of the plot, offering a facade to the football camp and releasing a big square in the Eastern part, just in front of the existing complex.
It is organized in two levels to emancipate and organize the clusters, identified as independent volumes laying on the same basement.