Technical data

Programme: Emergency Response Centre 112
Location: Mérida, Badajoz
Date of competition: 2006
Category: Social and security Equipment
Area: 2,220 m2
Developer: URVIPEXSA (part of the Regional Government of Extremadura)
Collaborators: J.P. Gajardo, S. Morales, F. Eady

Project description

In 2006 URVIPEXSA (part of the Regional Government of Extremadura) launched an architectural competition to design the new 112 emergency telephone assistance headquarters in Merida. The brief was to create a new centre of operations for quick response to emergencies throughout the region of Extremadura within the urban surroundings of La Paz San Lázaro, an area undergoing a process of consolidation.

MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos proposed the construction of a detached building integrated into the surrounding landscape. Both autonomous and referential, we located the centre between the adjacent buildings. Surrounded by green areas, the centre would be a pavilion within the park that lies parallel to the aqueduct.

We proposed the construction of a geometrically defined mass housing a profuse interior space in keeping with its purpose as a representative building. At MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos we wanted to create a building that would become an intrinsic part of the new urban landscape. The façade reveals the activity taking place inside and at nighttime the use of polycarbonate pannelling and LEDs covering the surface of the building function as backlighting and broadcast its 24/7 nature.