Technical data

PROGRAM: Cultural Café
LOCATION: South Industrial Park, Sevilla
PHASES: Competition 2011
AREA: 3715 m2 (usable)
PROMOTER: Planning Department, City Council of Seville.
PARTNERSHIP: Fabio Orizia, Gonzalo Castro, Andrés González, José Ramón Guerra.
ADVISORY: Tedeco, Elite Engineering

Project description

Our architecture proposes a solid dialogue and series of negotiations between all agents involved in a place, its people and its environment.
The new cultural café at "Polígono Sur", has already begun the development process - Negotiation - Building spaces.
A new way to produce creative spaces: it is to allow the free use and interactive architecture.
The model of generating a public service concludes from the conventional lifecycle scheme, where the place of interaction exists, or interaction between its agents, or avenues connection. The building??s purpose is to find use straight after its construction and let users begin the social interaction. We believe that this project is sensible in terms of society disconnection is conflict and antagonistic to the time in which we live.
We propose an architecture where participation and creation can be possible by its own users: life cycle scheme has been proposed in February.
The project meets and cooperates in the undertaking and development between technical and cultural café inhabitants.
Disseminate and inform all stakeholders (local, technical advisors):
We believe in creating a System that serves: real social networks and social networking sites are incorporated to share the information.
Competition: the design project has been judged by local experts and agents. Our proposed technique is based on the knowledge of the environment and their agents. In a project of creation and recreation of an appropriated dialogue of cultural space, we are integrating sustainability, social comprehensive, economic, energy and material efficiency.
The project??s development was taken streamlining decision in making various groups following an approach of efficiency, process negotiation, participation, cooperation and dissemination.
We are integrating project??s technical and material resources that generate flexible and environmentally efficient architecture.
The building??s purpose is not to build for Agents but to be built in consideration of Agents: We propose a building with a basic functional program, which could easily reorganized and re-programme by users.
Building??s promotion of the building??s usage is characterized by a general freedom of usage:
Need a coffee >>>>>>>>>>>> " bring your own chair