Technical data

AUTHOR: MEDIOMUNDO Arquitectos (Marta Pelegrin +
Fernando Perez)
CATEGORY: Housing, refurbishment
PROGRAMME: Single Family House
SITE: Seville, Spain
DATE: 2002
AREA: 347m2
COST: 200.000 ‚?¨

Project description

The refurbishment of a single family
house within one of the farmhouses of
Santa Barbara. (Sevilla)
The rectangular house plan occupies
2 floors with a total area of 347 m2.
It was originally used as a windmill
and warehouse, therefore it features
characteristic architectural elements
such as thick stone and brick walls, tiled
pitched roofs on timber structure and a
tower that acts as counterweight at one
of the ends.
The intervention objectives focus on
- creating generous spaces for
the use of the whole family (a clear
functional organization with the more
public areas at the lower level -kitchen,
dining, living - and the private ones at the
upper level -bedrooms)
- retaining certain characteristics
of the original plan, generating
continuous spaces in both plan and
section, freeing the lower level from
internal partitions, and introducing a
double height space exposing the roof
- Achieving a clear connection to
the exterior spaces, ordering the façade
facing the garden and pool.