Technical data

Programme: Council flats
Location: Seville
Date of competition: 2008
Category: Residential
Area: 3,920 m2
Developer: Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda de Sevilla (EMVISESA - Sevilla Municipal Social Housing Company)
Co-Authors: MOG Arquitectos
Collaborators: F. Orizia, A. López.

Project description

In 2008 EMVISESA (the Sevilla Municipal Social Housing Company) launched an architectural competition to design twenty-five council flats in the Guadaira Sur neighbourhood in Seville. The CJ4 plot was located amist a conglomeration of new developments of perimeter housing blocks and acted as a gateway to the area.

MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos proposed the construction of a compact yet permeable construction built around a central communal courtyard. In our designs the block of flats is visually permeable thanks to passageways connecting it to the outside world. We used vegetation in the communal spaces and access areas linked to covered galleries that connect with the inner courtyard. The wide covered galleries form part of the communal areas inviting inhabitants to use and share these spaces.

* terraced (row of houses)/ semidetached (joined on one side)