Technical data

Programme: Council Housing
Location: San Roque, Cadiz
Date of competition: 2008
Category: Residential
Area: 4,400 m2
Developer: Empresa Municipal del Suelo y la Vivienda de San Roque S.A. (EMROQUE - Municipal Housing Developers Council in San Roque)
Collaborators: F. Orizia, A.Lopez

Project description

In 2008 the Empresa Municipal del Suelo y la Vivienda de San Roque S.A. (EMROQUE) launched an architectural competition to design fifty-one council flats in San Roque within a perimeter block.

We proposed the construction of two housing blocks instead of the required perimeter block. We adapted their location and orientation to the topography. Foremost in our minds was the gereation of permeable urban fabric that opens onto open spaces and is oriented according to the basics of sustainable architecture.

The building is organized with open galleries that open up to the central courtyard. On the southeastern side the garden is connected to the city on the ground floor. All parts of the building are developed on five floors and all apartments are complosed of three bedrooms. There is also a 30 m2 apartment on each floor.

In our project the circulation and accesibility of the building guarantees optimal orientation, ventilation and permeability of sunlight according to the following sequence of spaces in the apartments: corridors, amenities, instalations and living areas.