Technical data

Programme: Council Flats and Urban Design
Location: Madrid
Date of competition: 2009
Category: Residential
Area: 22,300 m2
Developer: EMV (Madrid Municipal Housing Developers City Council)
Co-Authors: MOG Arquitectos
Collaborators: F. Orizia, S. Casitas, R. Elías

Project description

In 2009 Madrid City Council launched an architectural competition to design 160 council flats in a completely new development built on a wasteland in the form of an enclosed structure with an inner courtyard.

We proposed the creation of a permeable architecture. In opposition to traditional perimeter block of unitary height, we proposed the construction of a series of buildings whose position and orientation obey basic criteria for sustainable architecture: optimising sunshine in the housing units and within the inner courtyard.

We proposed constructing four buildings positioned in such a way as to create a homogeneous but permeable whole. "The empty spaces, depending on their potential, have been converted into spaces that form part of a large communal house or receptacles or spatial translations of new social habits" (Manuel Delgado, sociologist).

MEDIOMUNDO arquitectos has coined the phrase "everyday codes" defined as the daily routines we all tend to follow in everyday life. Because of this we replicate these codes on rythmic facades, while incorporating elements of diferentiation in keeping with the variety of everyday family life. In our proposal the facades are made of concrete modulated panels. The openings are modulated and filtred by perforated metal panels of different densities depending on their orientation and direction of the sun. These panels preserve the intimacy of the building from the outside world.