Technical data

Programme: Council flats
Location: Seville
Date of competition: 2009
Category: Residential
Area: 3,079 m2
Developer: Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda de Sevilla (EMVISESA - Sevilla Municipal Social Housing Company)
Co-author: MOG arquitectos
Collaborators: F. Orizia

Project description

In 2009 EMVISESA launched an architectural competition to design fifty-two council flats within a perimeter block.

Our proposal incorporated a highly permeable central communal courtyard well connected to the outside world via entrances. In our proposal all the entrances to apartments are located within the courtyard on both the ground floor and the first floor. In this way we hoped to encourage activity within the central courtyard.

The use of vegetation in communal spaces and the permeability of the ground floor via entrances, stairs and covered balconies on the first floor come together to make up high quality residential communal spaces.

The building was designed on four levels including the roof terrace and basement. On the roof terrace we located two communal areas for individual clotheslines and the air-conditioning units from each apartment. On the north and south roof we located the general installations and solar panels.